Hey there m'lovelies,

Last you heard from me was, admittedly, a while ago. In the last blog post I wrote entitled "The End" I posed a number of questions about my future. Questions which a month later I seem to have been unable to answer.

If, by any chance, you are interested in what I have been up to in the last month you can find out more here. If you aren't interested in being redirected, or simply feel too "cba" to click that link, let me summarise for you. The last month has seen me move out of my university city, work as a senior mentor at NCS, work part-time at Boots and finally attempt two interviews.

Firstly, leaving my university house and thereby leaving the City of Chester has been sad. Three years has gone incredibly fast and at times I can admit I hated university but now that it's passed I shall look back on my experience with rose tinted glasses.

Moving all my stuff proved a very difficult challenge and it took two separate trips to manage it successfully.

Secondly, I've been back at NCS as a seasonal member of staff and, as always, the young people make the work worth it. Watching the programme come together is an incredible feeling and so is watching a bunch of 16-17 year olds come out of their shell and grow into confident young adults.

Ive been both a young person and a staff member on NCS so I plan to write a more in depth post of my NCS experience the last three summers and explain more about the programme.

I guess for the sake of being chronological the next point to discuss is my part-time work at Boots. I work as a customer assistant for Boots on a Nil hour contract, for the most part it has benefited me through my time at university but at the moment extra shifts at work have been unavailable for Nil hour staff, so my ass is still broke unfortunately.

Finally, I mentioned above that I attempted two interviews. Recently I was contacted via LinkedIn for a job opportunity and a further video call interview. All seemed to be going well, I seemed to be impressing the interviewer and got invited for other interviews for other companies but

There is always a but …

But it turns out that I flopped the interviews, even if only by a small margin. Yes I learnt some interesting information and some clever interview tips but nonetheless I'm not yet seeing the perks of being a graduate.

I was told university was an investment that would pay itself off. How I hope this to be true.

Until next time, stay blessed.

Emily x

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